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The V.I. is proud of its reputation as Seattle’s first artbar.

The grand opening in 1981 featured a group exhibition of rising stars in Seattle’s art world curated by Rolon Bert Garner, a multi-talented artist in his own right. Garner was the founder of the happening “and/or gallery” in the ’60′s and founder of Artech art handling company in the ’70′s. The V.I. has shown over 300 different artists since that time, and, along with Garner’s exhibitions at the Two Bells Tavern, started a tradition which has become a part of Seattle history.

When the expanded V.I. re-opened in 2008, Garner curated a group show, entitled “Old Faces/New Spaces,” which featured the work of some 30 artists who were important in establishing this tradition.

September-October Artists:


Frank Samuelson & Suzanne Lamon


Frank Samuelson and Suzanne Lamon first met while working on their MFAs at Washington State University in the mid 70s.  They paint what they know:  birds, fish, flowers, horses, dogs and rocks with a huge dose of color, love and humor.  They now live together near Port Townsend, WA.

Email Patrice for information about showing artwork at Virginia Inn Restaurant and Bar.