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The V.I. is proud of its reputation as Seattle’s first artbar.

The grand opening in 1981 featured a group exhibition of rising stars in Seattle’s art world curated by Rolon Bert Garner, a multi-talented artist in his own right. Garner was the founder of the happening “and/or gallery” in the ’60′s and founder of Artech art handling company in the ’70′s. The V.I. has shown over 300 different artists since that time, and, along with Garner’s exhibitions at the Two Bells Tavern, started a tradition which has become a part of Seattle history.

When the expanded V.I. re-opened in 2008, Garner curated a group show, entitled “Old Faces/New Spaces,” which featured the work of some 30 artists who were important in establishing this tradition.


Dimitriy Gritzenko

Opening January 10, 5-8 pm



AJ Power

Opening November 15, 5-8 pm

Breach sm


Dale Travous: “Sparks”

Opening Sept 6, 5-7 pm




Susan Walker: “I Capture Moments”

Opening July 12th and July 26th, 4:30-7:00




Scott M.X. Turner: Move

Opening March 1st, 5-7



Shruti Ghatak

Eternal_Shruti Ghatak


Becky Knold

Glacial Melt 36x36


Johnny Harris



Kate O’Neil: The Window Series

Opening July 6, 5-7 pm



Linda Okazaki: Come to the Table

Opening May 4, 5-7 pm


come_to_the table_small    leaving_the_table_final_4-28_17


Erin Goodwin-Guerrero

Great Mysteries and Knotty Little Problems

Opening March 2, 5-8 pm




Joey M. Robinson: Motion

Opening January 5, 5-8 pm



Carolyn Law: Climate Changing

Opening November 3, 5-8 pm

 Virginia Inn Announcement unnamed-2



C.T. Chew: Stamps & Posters

Opening First Thursday

July 7, 5-8 pm

Mail Box Art2





Max Steele

Unique Photoprints

Opening First Thurday

May 5th, 5-8



“I feel both ways”

Paintings and Drawings by Clare Johnson

Opening First Thursday

March 3, 5-8pm


Clare Johnson paperbacks

“Paperbacks” 12″ X 12 ”





November/December Artists:

Conor Musgrave

2013-01- 2nd day HDR Pano 1

“I am here…….” (36 x 36)


Red on Red Conor Musgrave

“Big Red”  (36 x 24)


The V.I. will observe

Three Days Without Art,

September 1,2, & 3, 2015,

to honor Rolon Bert Garner, 1940-2015,who initiated the art program at the V.I.

Beginning on September 4th, a gradual accumulation of artwork will be mounted of those artists who were influenced and encouraged by R.B.G.


July/August Artists:

Convergence: Five from the Skagit


Heidi Epstein: “What the Swans Leave Behind, Skagit Valley”

Opening Thursday, July 2nd,  from 5 – 8pm


Painter Margy Lavelle has curated this exhibition of fellow artists from the Skagit Valley. Allen Moe is a sculptor who casts cement from silicone molds. Michael Clough uses geometric patterns to express his view of the natural world. Kathleen Faulkner is a painter and jewelry artist. Heidi Epstein works in oil pastel and watercolor on paper.

Email Patrice for information about showing artwork at Virginia Inn Restaurant and Bar.



May/June Artists:

Makers’ Marks:  Approaches to Printmaking and Beyond


Opening Thursday May 7th from 5pm – 8pm


Painters Under Pressure Salon (PUPS) is a Seattle based printmaking salon.  For over a decade, they have come together to share information, opinions, laughter, and support.  Members include David Owen Hastings, Ruth Hesse, Stephen MacFarlane, Iskra Johnson, Tracy Simpson, and Jon Taylor. 

You can find more of their work and further links on their FaceBook page:  Painters Under Pressure Salon

Email Patrice for information about showing artwork at Virginia Inn Restaurant and Bar.