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Fresh, locally sourced ingredients

Frank’s Quality Produce

Frank’s Quality Produce is a family owned and operated fruit stand located at the world famous Pike Place Market in the heart of downtown Seattle. Frank’s Quality Produce has always offered the highest quality “farm fresh” produce and customer service that is unsurpassed.
Frank Genzale, Sr. and Frank Genzale, Jr. have created a beautiful display of the freshest fruit and vegetables that is hand selected and hand trimmed each morning, offering the highest quality you can find.

The Genzale family has had a very strong presence in the market now for 4 generations where we have received honors from the market foundation for our service. We are thankful for the tradition that our parents and grandparents began over 85 years ago and have every intention of creating even more history for our 5th generation.

Taylor Shellfish

Our mission is to sustainably farm quality shellfish from our nurseries to your table while being active stewards of our marine environment.
In the 1890s our family began farming shellfish in the Puget Sound. Five generations later, we continue to provide our customers with the best shellfish the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Through family dedication and with the assistance of committed employees, we maintain our tradition of sustainable farming through new techniques and innovative growing methods. Our family is proud to grow high quality clams, oysters, mussels, and geoducks straight from tidelands across Western Washington and British Columbia. Taste our product to experience what we have perfected over the last 100 years.

Painted Hills Farms

Painted Hills Natural Beef is a natural beef product originating in Wheeler County, Oregon. The story behind PHNB begins in the mid-90s. Several ranchers got together to discuss the current trends in the beef industry and how to add value to beef products. They discovered that they were all experiencing the same confusion. “Why is it that I am producing top quality cattle and yet all I hear at grocery stores and restaurants is that beef isn’t as good as it used to be?” As it turned out, the cattle that came from the ranches of Wheeler County were being lost in the mix of cattle from all over North America. Their cattle were being blended into pens that held cattle of lower quality. This beef, in turn, was being sent to the market and restaurants, resulting in unhappy consumers
Those ranchers decided to do something. They formed a corporation called Painted Hills Premium Beef, Inc. – the groundwork for Painted Hills Natural Beef. The Natural beef name was born out of a desire to better reflect the focus of the organization. The goal of this corporation was to eliminate the inconsistency in its beef product while producing natural meat of the highest quality. Step by step they reviewed the beef productions process. They formed the concepts that are now the foundation of the Painted Hills Natural Beef program and product lines.


Zoe’s Meats

Years ago on a Seattle volleyball court two friends with a passion for food dreamed of creating a company which would provide superior quality cured-meat products to consumers with an emphasis on community and environmental awareness.  In February of 2007, George Gavros and Charlie Hertz realized their dream by launching Zoe’s Meats.

Zoe’s Meats are abundantly flavorful, but what we seek to deliver is much more than that.  We named our company after Zoe, George’s four-year-old daughter.  Our vision is to provide our families and yours better food options through an environmentally and community friendly company.

Macrina Bakery

Leslie Mackie opened Macrina Bakery in 1993.  The bakery specializes in hearth-baked artisan loaves and rustic European pastries.  They have three locations in Seattle:  Belltown, Queen Anne and SODO.

Caffe Vita

Caffe Vita has been roasting coffee in Seattle since 1995. They are an independent, locally-owned company.  From their beginnings at the base of Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, Caffe Vita now operates nine cafes in the Pacific Northwest, a roasteria cafe in New York City, and a cafe in Los Angeles, and are pioneers of the Farm Direct movement, meticulously sourcing the best coffee available while developing long-term, mutually fruitful relationships with coffee growers in more than 11 countries.

Peterson Cheese

Peterson Cheese Company was founded in 1947 and remains family-owned and operated.   They began as an importer of Scandinavian cheeses–which at the time was an underserved niche in the local marketplace.

Our original location was in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Over time, our business expanded to meet growing awareness and demand for a larger variety of imported specialty cheeses from Europe.
We are people who are passionate about food, family, and a job done well and done right.

The Pike Place Market

The Virginia Inn is lucky enough to be located just one block from the famous Pike Place Market, established just 3 years after the V.I. first opened its doors (1907 and 1903 respectively).

Words cannot adequately describe how great it is to just run down the hill in the middle of the day and replenish, replace, restock or embellish literally anything that comes to your table.
Need some cheese – done!  Need more fresh herbs – easy!  Sold out of mussels – nope!  If we need it, they’ve got it.